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Severan's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Severan's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
11:10 am
Bodyguard - seems simple enough

We have been in the city a week and I have become restless. Finally this evening our host voiced to us a new task. Simple bodyguard duty but it would pay well enough. We are to meet our prospective client tomorrow.


We met with our client at a local bar. A cloth merchant who seems very nervous. He is preparing to get out of town and needs protection. Seems like there is something he is not telling us. We accompanied him to his house which I have secured with trip wires and alarms.


We've been through the last few days with our client with no problems. This is turning out to be a pretty easy ten gold a day. Still, I have a foreboding feeling that something will happen...


We arrived back to the house this evening to find a figure standing in the doorway. My keen night sight showed me the figure, tho' standing, had a knife in its eye. Quickly we took the client around back and secured him in his room. Me, the mage and the gnome investigated the figure which, to no ones surprise, attacked us... along with two of it's friends. Later our cleric told us they were wrights... and nasty business. I hate undead. After defeating them we confronted our client. This is a little more work than we had anticipated.. and I specifically stated _no undead_. He doubled our pay. Fine.
We got his things together and left the city within the hour. What kind of city has it's gates open at night? I don't know. One that likes to be invaded by undead, I guess.


We have just been ambushed by a group of skeletons on the road. Seemed like it was brewing up to a fight when our cleric summoned his power and destroyed them all with a wave. I must admit to being pretty impressed by this.

After the ambush we got a little more information out of our client. Apparently he was involved in some nefarious deed which resulted in the murder of one of his cloth merchant competitors. Some of the others involved have already perished in mysterious circumstances and he fears for his life. One of the others is two days ride from here. We determine to check in with them to see if they know anything.


No, they don't know anything. Not now anyway. We arrived at a large burnt out house. There was a moaning sound coming from the ruins. Not surprisingly our first thought was _not_ to leap in for assistance. Eventually a creature drifted out through the smoky ruins towards us. Through the assistance of our cleric we managed to destroy it, just as another figure emerged from the woods. Not feeling very charitable at that point we attacked it immediately. This seemed warranted as it fell to dust as we slew it... potential friends do not usually do that. Tho', I admit the test has some flaws, I'm happy with it so far.

We are just coming within site of the keep which houses two of the other accomplices of our client. I'm sitting beside him on the wagon thus affording me the chance to write as we go. I can see now that the keep gates stand open and no one challenges us. Not a good sign. I think I'll steal the elf’s magic sword again.

We are resting at the bottom of a pit. This is what you get for trying to help someone. Upon entering the castle we were set upon by a dozen corpses. Again our cleric proved very useful and we dispatched them with ease. The elf, however, has become whiny about her sword so I was forced to return it. That's fine with me, I'm happy to have someone else in the front line against these things. I'd rather be killing a nice real live goblin.
We wandered cautiously through the keep until hearing a scream from upstairs. We rushed to a room which contained a lady being menaced by a creature which looked exactly the same as the one that fell to dust at the burnt manor. Just as we entered the room to help her the bitch threw a trap door which sent most of us down a chute to our current resting place. Frend and the elf managed to avoid the trap but the undead creature was gone, and the girl had slipped through a secret passage so they elected to join us as well. Especially when they heard we were being attacked by the obligatory giant rats that infest the lower reaches of keeps such as these.
We debated a while about climbing back up the chute or exploring our new dungeon home and eventually decided to check out what is here. A very strange place. I would have expected the chute to land us in a jail, or perhaps a pit of spikes, but instead we are in a large hall, possibly a maze. Around one corner we found a collection of statues lining the walls. One of which, of course, flew to attack me the first chance it got. It managed to tag me a couple times but I have been healed up as good as new by my new best friend, Rico (the cleric now earns a name, I try not to bother learning the names of associates who aren't useful or who are likely to fall soon in combat, like the elf). So here I sit, quickly jotting down these notes on the pieces of what was recently a vicious stone nightmare. Soon we will take up exploring these catacombs again, hopefully to find a way out... and perhaps even find the lady of the keep. With our luck she will probably be a vampire. *sigh*
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
8:22 pm
The Upper Citidel
I will now briefly explain what I know of this map before moving on to the more interesting part of the story... where I join in.

The whole upper level was bright enough to see without aid as, during daytime, there was sunlight streaming through numerous holes in the roof. So far 'sunless' is not really an apt name for the citadel. 'Shoddy', perhaps. Also 'Stinky' given how long it has been occupied by goblins and kobolds.

1. This area is where the party landed after 75' climb down the cliff (I don't rely on human account of that, I made the climb, it was 75'). At the bottom their mage/mapmaker fell into a hole. Apparently they decided to get him out again.

To the left of the entrance was a chamber with a large door in one wall. The door had a stylized dragons head in which a large key would fit. The door could not be made to budge otherwise.

2. Here the party met resistance in the form of small unorganized bands of kobolds. After meeting death at the hands of the party's valkyrie the kobolds quickly decided negotiation was the best idea and they were taken before the chief of the tribe.

6. The throne room. With all the splendor you would expect from a kobold chief. That is, they had a bugbear skin on the floor in front of their rock throne. The chief obviously did not rise to his position on strength alone. He was quick to make a deal. Goblins neighbors of theirs had in the recent past stolen their pet baby dragon, and the kobolds, worshiping the thing, want it back. Should they get the dragon back they would be rewarded with the key for the dragon door at the entrance, behind which was promised to be great treasure. Skeptical at the idea of what kobolds thought of as 'great treasure' let alone the honesty of the information the party took the deal. Why not, they were going that way anyway.

5. So, with a kobold guide they were taken into the goblin lairs room 5. I have wondered why the kobolds did not take the party a more direct route... Perhaps they thought the party might be worn down enough on the return that they could be taken? In any case the guide was used. He was valuable. Not so much for his knowledge as for the fact that Mirage could get someone else to fall into the traps.

Along the way there were three rooms of interest. The first was sealed such that only a cleric of good could open it. Their cleric somehow managed to do it. Inside were several undisturbed sarcophagi. At this point would you expect a cleric of good to preserve the sanctity of the dead? Perhaps you might, but if you hesitated you would certainly lose out as their cleric speed forward to grab whatever riches the coffins might contain.

That room, sealed against evil. Then became a convenient resting spot throughout their exploration of the citadel.

The other two items of interest nearby were two fountains. Apparently representing 'death' and 'fire'. Someone of low wisdom decided to activate the 'death' fountain with the command word inscribed on it. Not surprisingly a noxious poisonous cloud of vapor engulfed the room. Fortunately for them it claimed none of them.

The fire fountain proved a little more useful, as when activated it produced a liquid that seemed to allow the imbibe to breath fire for a short time. Sort of like what a good strong dwarven ale will allow if you hold your pipe close enough and spit.

7. This area is the center of the goblins domain. The party made there way slowly, the pathetic goblins were not strong or organized enough to pose much resistance. Oh how I wish I'd been there for that! After slaying many a goblin most fled through the northern passages, leaving behind one very active and annoyed young white dragon. With a little frostbite the party managed to capture the thing and fulfill their bargain with the kobolds, who in turn, surprising everyone, fulfilled theirs.

Now the choice... chase down the goblin remnants or see what's behind the dragon door? Had I been there it would have been no contest... but, smelling treasure, the greedy band headed for the door.

3. Behind the door they found a strange room with one softly glowing sphere to one side. Wary (and wisely) they sent the gnome mage in to test the air. Soon enough they found a repelling magically force which kept them out of the room. Through persistence and effort they slowly managed to over come the sphere and remove it from the room, where it lost it's power. It is interesting to not that there was 5 other broken spheres in the room... If they had been active there would have been no chance of gaining entrance. Something valuable... or dangerous.. indeed must lay beyond. Did the party turn back? Of course not. Greed drove them on.

4. This room had, what appeared to be, a collapsed pit trap at one end, meant to be a final defense of the sarcophagus in the far room. After a short conversation about how far one could throw a gnome it was decided the cleric, as an agent of good, should be first to approach. This turned out to be unwise. No sooner did he climb up to the far room did a small shrieking demon fly out of the darkness at him. The demon, it was later learned, was something called a 'quasat' and a powerful one too. Overcoming it was difficult, as the party had no silver with which to hurt it and it seemed to draw an unnatural energy from the room it guarded. Before they were finished with the creature the cleric had been paralyzed with poison... an effect still apparent when I joined the party later... tho' he stoically tried to shrug it off.

I gather their trials were worth it and they found something good in the sarcophagus, tho' they have not mentioned their contents to me. Which is fair, I have only been with them a short while.

8. The last part of this foray into the citadel was to drive the goblins into this room and take the goblin children and women hostage. While deciding how to proceed the goblins counterattacked... and they brought friends. Hobgoblins and bugbears. Knowing they could not overcome these odds in their weakened state they fled.

Back to the village to recuperate and reprovision. At this point their cowardly gnome mage left them, taking his portion of the treasure. They believed they would have to return to the dungeons with less than their full strength, and against a foe who was strong enough to repel them once and would be watchful of further attempts.

But they were in luck. They met me.
8:15 pm
A map
The elf has given me the map their cowardly gnome mage drew as they were making their way into the citidel. Huh. I hope his magic was better than his writing. I'll include it in with my journal in case it may enlighten you. I've added a few numbers and will attempt to explain what was found. Again, I was not there, having simply passed through this area later.

Monday, June 23rd, 2003
2:38 pm
On the road to Galgeron
We have stopped at an inn for the evening on our way to the city of Galgeron, where my companions make their home. It has been several days since I first took up the feather. I can see my entries are going to be sporadic at best. Still what can one expect of a warrior.

Our journey towards Galgeron is going well. There is little to fear in these settled lands. We've been traveling for a week now and have usually managed to find beds for the night, either at an inn or by rousing a farmer from his bed to provide us with whatever he can. I am beginning to appreciate the benefits of traveling with a cleric. Instead of having to threaten the peasants until they provide you with food and lodging they seem to fall out of their way to help him, and all for a few minor spells.

With this entry I am going to try to recount the tale of my fellows initial exploration of what I have called 'the pit' as they have recounted them to me over the many nights of our journey. They refer to it as the sunless citadel... which is the rather imaginative name the local peasants have for the ruins that have sunk beneath the earth near their village.

It begins with their patron, a Lord Shaudius in Galgeron, hearing of a magic apple, which restores all health to whoever consumes it, being sole on a regular basis in the village of Oakhurst. With instructions to obtain information about it and possibly purchase one the they are sent down to Oakhurst to see what they come up with. The locals tell them that goblins come once a year to sell the magic apple, and that a few months ago a small group of adventurers had also gone seeking their source.

Further questions around town revealed that these adventurers had family. Wealthy family. Who were willing to pay a great deal to find out what had happened to their kin. The party, certainly willing to be paid twice for the same errand, accepted the quest immediately.

After preparing themselves somewhat for their expedition they set out for where they had been told the citadel was located. The land there, was rocky with many cliffs and broken earth. Traveling along a cliff side, oblivious to the danger of falling rocks I imagine, they came upon an old campsite. Old enough to be that of the adventures that had gone before. Nearby they found a rope had been tied so as to allow people to repel down the cliffside. To them it must have looked like a rope dangling into darkness... when I examined it later I could see a ledge many foot-score below where the rope led.

Thus began their decent into the citadel. I shall stop here to rest my feather once again. Tomorrow I expect I shall not write as I am practicing with Daragon's great dwarven waraxe instead of my own smaller weapon. It is heavy but having seen cleave a goblin neatly in two I cannot deny it's effectiveness.
Monday, June 16th, 2003
2:35 pm
Back from the pit
I have just arrived back in town after my excursion with my new 'friends'. I have managed to scare some writing implements out of the wizard in order to make this account of my adventures thus far. Hopefully these notes will serve me well in recounting before the warren chiefs the tale of my chabal... my journey to manhood. And, should my journey be incomplete. Perhaps this will serve as an epitaph... or warning to those who come after.

When I decided to join this odd group on their mission the prospects of glory and treasure were fairly promising. They needed assistance as a member of their party, a cowardly gnome mage, had elected to exercise the better part of valor and return to his homelands. What did that leave them with? A human cleric, who purports to be devoted to the cause of good, however I have yet to see him cause any good. A female elvin mage who spends more time looking at the dirt than wielding magic. A gnome who appears have skill with some sort of natural magics. And a giant of a woman who, having seen her in battle now more than once, is likely the only reason they have managed to survive thus far. In any case it is safe to say that they needed help, so of course they came seeking a Dwarf. Me.

I found their offer appealing. An equal share of treasure, which included a share of the reward for a mission they had already undertaken which was to rescue two previous adventurers who had delved into the pit, as well as an opportunity to earn my name and, best of all. Goblins. They had been pushed back by the little beasts when last they entered and now they wished to know if I'd like to go back and help with their destruction. Heh. And they will actually *pay* me for this. I sharpen my axes just thinking about them. The other issue was that they mentioned that they thought that some of the stonework there looked dwarven. The thought that goblins might be fouling dwarven workings made me shake such that I almost crushed my tankard.

Another mission, they mentioned, was something I discarded as unlikely, which was of a magic apple which their employer (almost certainly a human high-born with too much time on his hands) had sent them to fetch. I thought it unlikely that we would get anywhere near such a thing but if they had to maintain such a fiction in order to plunder goblins then I saw no point in disillusioning them.

That ends my writing for the evening. Tomorrow we start our journey back the city to report to my friends noble. Should be interesting watching them squirm with the results of their mission. Heh.

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